February 26, 2010



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When we, at TAI, began researching the topic of global philanthropy, one thing became abundantly clear: We live in an interconnected world and, in the last two years alone, almost every community and country has been affected by the global financial crisis.
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Salesforce.com promotes business philanthropy with 1/1/1 model

The Daily Tell

By Byron Butler
A growing number of businesses are attempting to give back to the communities around them with many donating money to organizations or entities close to their heart.
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Decline in US newspapers renews idea of nonprofits

The Jerusalem Post

By Staff
As sharp revenue reductions put the future of many US newspapers in doubt, one idea gaining attention is the conversion of newspapers into tax-exempt nonprofits supported by large endowments.
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$16 million microfinance effort launched

Philanthropy Journal

Opportunity International launching $16 million program co-funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The MasterCard Foundation to provide access to savings accounts and agricultural loans in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa.
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