December 29, 2010

New Estate Tax Law Could Hurt Charity


By Deborah L. Jacobs

The economic crisis has caused many people to cut back on current charitable giving, perhaps figuring they could always make up for it with bequests. But Ms. Jacobs argues that changes in the federal estate tax system signed into law by President Obama may well lead some of those who had postponed charitable giving to cut back on future bequests too.
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Indianapolis-Based Nonprofit Launches Education Ad Campaign In Indiana, Three Other States

Indianapolis Star

By Will Higgins

The Foundation for Educational Choice, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit formerly known as the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation, this week began radio advertisements featuring the slogan: “Option: the next chapter in education.”
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Philanthropy Plan: Donate To Charity Every Time You Pay By Bank Card


By Robert Winnett

People will be asked to give to charity every time they use a cash dispenser or pay with a bank card under British government plans to increase philanthropy.
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Crunch Time For Online Giving

Puget Sound Business Journal

By Clay Holtzman

December is the single greatest month for online donations, according to a recent survey by the charity giving portal Network for Good.
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Nonprofits Getting First Shot At Bank Foreclosures


By Bob Christie

Chase and other banks give redevelopment agencies and nonprofits first look at discounted foreclosures so speculators don’t snap them up first. This approach helps stabilize neighborhoods.
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Lean Times Bringing Nonprofits Together

News Journal

By Mike Chalmers

A new report, titled “Philanthropy in the First State,” found that more than a third of Delaware’s roughly 1,000 active nonprofits regularly operate at a loss. It also found that Delaware incomes are 3 percent higher than the national average, yet individual donors give 9 percent less.
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