January 4, 2011

City Among Beneficiaries Enjoying Tulsa Community Foundation’s Millions

Tulsa World

By P.J. Lassek

The city of Tulsa is fortunate to have a benefactor of sorts in the Tulsa Community Foundation, a consortium of thousands of donors who continually step up to help, officials said. The foundation donated roughly $1 million last year to local governmental needs – about 1 percent of the more than $100 million it made in charitable gifts for that period.
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Letters from The Giving Pledge


By Anne VanderMey

Most billionaires joining Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge are penning pledge letters, explaining their motivations. Here are highlights from the recent class.
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Panel Proposes $1B State Tuition Fund

Puget Sound Business Journal

By Clay Holtzman

Could philanthropy solve Washington state’s higher education budget crunch? Washington is considering a proposal to establish a $1 billion college scholarship fund and give individuals and businesses who support it a credit on their public utilities and business and occupation taxes.
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Innovation Agents: Robert Wolfe, Co-Founder of Crowdrise

Fast Company

By Lydia Dishman

When he was 21, Robert Wolfe started Moosejaw, an outdoor apparel store, based on one principle: fun. Now, 18 years later, Wolfe and the co-founders of Crowdrise are basing an entire fundraising platform on that very same principle. The Crowdrise community has become a serious fundraising force by eschewing the traditional model of philanthropy–no $500 per plate formal fundraising dinners here–and going straight for an easy, engaging way to make micro-donations.
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The Baby Buffetts: Philanthropists Under 30


By Josie Raymond

Most lists of top philanthropists resemble a college curriculum: old, white and male. But as the world changes, so does the world of philanthropy. Successful young people have come of age in an uncertain time and they’re more connected to people in need around the world than ever.
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