February 28, 2011

Philanthropy’s Role in Advancing Solutions Starts at FOTH

RE: Philanthropy

By Sidney Hargro

The head of the Community Foundation of South Jersey says that no one is certain what the future holds, but it is clear that our 21st century crises will require unprecedented levels of deliberate partnership between business, philanthropic, academic, faith, and government sectors to create the sustainable solutions needed. Foundations on the Hill is a critical step toward embracing this new reality as foundations seek to build relationships with their legislators in the U.S. Congress and increase awareness regarding the value that philanthropic organizations can provide.
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How Teacher Development Could Revolutionize Our Schools

The Washington Post

By Bill Gates

As the nation’s governors gather in Washington for their annual meeting, they are grappling with more than state budget deficits. They’re confronting deep education deficits as well.
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Could IBM’s Watson Computer Aid the Work of Nonprofits?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Caroline Preston

Watson, the IBM super computer, last week beat out two of Jeopardy’s most successful contestants on the television game show. Now officials at IBM are beginning to think about how Watson, which can answer questions posed to it in natural language by using algorithms to sort through reams and reams of information, might be able to help alleviate social problems.
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Cory Booker Discloses $43M in Private Donations for Newark Schools Reform

The Star-Ledger

By David Giambusso and Jessica Calefati

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has provided his most detailed accounting yet of private donations made to bolster reform efforts in the state’s largest school district. The disclosure comes amid a week of questions about just how much Booker has raised to match Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to the city schools, what the money is being used for and in what amounts.
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Gates Foundation Works to Boost Food Production


By Carey Gillam

Amid global unrest over food security, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said Sunday it was forging a new effort to support agricultural research projects in Africa and Asia aimed at helping small farmers increase crop yields and farm incomes. The Gates Foundation, which is already a force in agricultural research and development in Africa, said it would donate $70 million to a new collaboration that will focus on addressing threats to food production in the developing world, including crop diseases, pests, poor soils and harsh weather.
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GCF Cited for ‘Quality, Integrity and Accountability’

The Register-Mail

By John Pulliam

The Galesburg Community Foundation recently took another step in what has been a successful transition from a health foundation to a community foundation. The foundation recently was named a Top Tier Philanthropic by the Council on Foundations, a national professional association based in Washington, D.C. GCF Executive Director Josh Gibb said only about half of the nation’s 800 community foundations have received the National Standards Seal.
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Governors Scramble to Rein in Medicaid

The Wall Street Journal

By Sara Murray, Janet Adamy, and Neil King Jr.

More than half the states want permission to remove hundreds of thousands of people from the Medicaid insurance program, a move that would represent a rare cut to a national social program. The push sets up a showdown between states struggling with fiscal 2012 budgets and the Obama Administration, which says it may lack the authority to allow such cuts. That means Congress could be forced to settle the matter.
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