December 16, 2011

Moving From Overwhelmed to an Opportunity

RE: Philanthropy

By Nelli Garton

I know I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world and the incredible needs that philanthropy is trying to address. We can’t fulfill these on our own, so where do we start? Are we just providing short-term solutions when the whole system is breaking down? Grant requests are up, the needs in society are more acute, and governmental contributions at all levels are plummeting. There is intense frustration with the status quo from Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party.
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Boston Foundation to Merge with The Philanthropic Initiative

Boston Business Journal

By Mary Moore

The Boston Foundation and The Philanthropic Initiative have announced the two nonprofits would merge effective in January. What The Philanthropic Initiative, or TPI as it is known, brings to The Boston Foundation is a deeper way of developing philanthropic strategy with donors, said Paul Grogan, The Boston Foundation’s president.
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Philanthropic Network: ‘A Giving Circle on Steroids’

The Wall Street Journal

By Mike Vilensky

Boaz Weinstein, the founder of the hedge fund Saba Capital, was inspired to get involved with the Natan Fund after attending a “salon” the organization was throwing. “I was very impressed with the speakers,” Mr. Weinstein explained. Several years later, Mr. Weinstein is an active board member at Natan, a philanthropic network that supports startups and other entrepreneurial organizations “demonstrating an innovative approach to addressing the challenges facing the Jewish people,” said Felicia Herman, executive director of Natan. “It’s like a giving circle on steroids,” she added.
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Seven Predictions for Philanthropy in 2012

The Nonprofit Quarterly

By Rick Cohen

Neils Bohr and Casey Stengel both uttered the Yogi Berra-ish statement that predictions are especially difficult concerning the future. They were only addressing quantum mechanics and the prospects of the Mets’ pennant chances, not philanthropy, amidst a persistent economic free-fall. But the quote is apropos here given the possible twists and turns for philanthropy writ large in 2012, drawing from big themes in play during 2011.
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Cornelius Mom Leads Children to Philanthropy

The Weekly Herald

By Mark Zenow

Brooke Hondros sets her mind to something and jumps all in. That’s easy to see after spending time with her and understanding the difference she’s making in the lives of so many children. On a recent Sunday afternoon she buzzed around her home in The Peninsula neighborhood, amidst the sounds of children talking and laughing as they made holiday stockings that would eventually end up in the hands of less fortunate children. Her two children and the 10 others milling about the kitchen and dining room, are the first members of a new organization called Lake Norman Kids 4 Kids – a project designed to turn the today’s youngsters into the philanthropists of tomorrow.
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Where For-Profit and Nonprofit Are One


By Michael del Castillo

Just because a company is for-profit doesn’t mean it can’t be involved in a business that is rooted in doing good things. In fact, a number of new models of for-profit businesses are being created to engage in traditionally nonprofit sectors.
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