January 6, 2012

How Do Family Foundations Make Giving Decisions?

RE: Philanthropy

By Paul Penley

How do foundations make giving decisions? Hope Consulting and Guidestar have released the much-anticipated Money for Good II study (MFG II) to answer these questions. Here is what they found about foundations-a category dominated by family foundations. Foundations research nine out of 10 grants to nonprofits for an average of four hours. Small family foundations with less than $1 million in assets do basically the same, researching eight out of 10 grants issued.
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Why Millennials are the The Year in Giving: 2011: A Black Philanthropy Kwanzaa Retrospective

The Huffington Post

By Jackie Copeland-Carson

Giving is more than generosity. It’s a unifying part of our African roots, binding the history and future of black peoples worldwide. This was a remarkable year of firsts in the Pan-African community’s history of giving. KwanzaaUjima, Swahili for collective work and responsibility, reminds us of the power of our self-help and giving.
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Who The Heck Are You Talking To? Donor Relations

The Nonprofit Quarterly

By Ruth McCambridge

The other night I was sitting with a friend who is one of the more politically aware people I know as regards international politics and he started talking to me about a letter he had received from a well-known human rights organization of which he is a long time member. He was flummoxed by its tone and…yes, offended. Here is how the letter started…
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Will the For-Profit Model be Accepted in the Social Sector?

Money Control

By N.S. Ramnath

Governments have proven to be too inefficient, the non-profits too small and the corporates too greedy to provide basic services. What about for-profit social enterprises? In an ideal world, the government would tax the rich and efficiently offer free basic services to citizens. There would then be no need for philanthropy or for the private sector to provide these services.
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New Year, New Look for Philanthropy in the News

Philanthropy in the News


The new year comes with many changes, including a revamped look for the Council’s Philanthropy in the News (PIN) e-mail. In an effort to provide subscribers with the latest—and most relevant—daily news stories, you will see a new and improved PIN starting next week. Be on the lookout for it in your inbox.

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