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[Editor's Note: We asked contributors for a final, reflective blog entry from the Atlanta conference. Here's what Emmett had to say.]
As I prepare to depart the Council meeting, I wanted to share several final observations. First, my fears that we would not recognize the seriousness of this moment for philanthropy were happily not realized. From [...]

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius described her hope that foundations and HHS will work closely together. She noted that the most important agenda item for President Obama was to reform healthcare and urged foundations to participate in this debate.
Dr. Richard Besser, the interm head of the CDC, briefed the Council on the status [...]

The breakout session on the foreclosure crisis ["The Foreclosure Crisis: A Blueprint for Foundation Intervention"] began with the unnerving observation that out of 56 million outstanding mortgages this year, 8.1 million homes have been lost and 800,000 have had foreclosure procedures started. The panel went on to observe that the programs that are being developed [...]

Representative John Lewis gave a stirring, provocative and funny address that spoke to the important need for foundations to be creative and think out of the box, to be “headlights” in addressing the nation’s problems. This historic leader said it was time for foundations to get in the way and start trouble in the cause [...]

The session presenters, brought together by Grantmakers Concerned with Immigration and Refugees, made the case that the local efforts and the lessons they are learning around immigrant integration will influence and guide the national discussion on immigration. They indicated that the coalitions that are being developed between immigrant and non-immigrant groups is a relatively new [...]

Dr. Robert Franklin’s thoughtful and scholarly opening plenary address spoke of the need for the “generative leadership of transformed nonconformists.” He described this as people who want to improve our future world through creative, innovative thinking. Such leaders, Franklin suggested, do not strive for consensus.

In Steve Gunderson’s opening address he described this time as “a new era in philanthropy.” Although it was said in his typical low-key manner, Steve
made clear that the work of the Council would substantially change to ensure that philanthropy is relevant to the common good as we confront this economic crisis. In particular, he said [...]

The Annual Conference is for the benefit of members and not vendors. By putting breakfast in Resource Central rather than in or near the opening plenary led to confusion and people missing a wonderful opening performance of the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta.

[Editor’s note: We asked contributors to tell us a question they think philanthropy needs to explore as the Atlanta conference begins. Here’s Emmett’s answer.]
Both the global recession and the spreading swine flu are stark reminders that we are all interconnected.  Our nation’s quality of life depends on others to buy our products and our debt.  [...]

[Covering the ABFE James Joseph Lecture]
Amina Dickerson, former Kraft executive, gave a stirring and inspiring address to over 100 seasoned and emerging philanthropic leaders. Her address focused on the need and opportunity for mentoring a new, diverse, generation of leadership and talent. She went on to say that we must embrace a new generation of [...]

[Covering ABFE Special Session]
On the beautiful campus of Morehouse College, Dr. John Powell of Ohio State University discussed the role of foundations in ensuring that poor communities and race sensitive strategies are considered with regard to the allocation of the Federal stimulus with members of ABFE (Association of Black Foundation Executives). He asked whether the [...]

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