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The oil has reached our shores. I maneuvered around the media zoo for my daily walk on the beach and I stared at what is called a “tar ball.” As the sun hits, the glob slowly takes on a liquid form and becomes a “tar patty.” The sugar white sand is stained with brown streaks [...]

For one month now we have been watching the lead story of the BP oil explosion. We are optimistically watching updates of wind currents that are expected to keep the oil away from the Florida coast for at least three more days. The current forecast is not as encouraging for Louisiana. The oil is reportedly [...]

This morning I watched a sunrise over beautiful Pensacola Beach. Most of the people taking their morning walk on the white sand are here on vacation; I am one of the fortunate who lives and works here. Joined on this particular stretch of beach by a few seagulls, a great blue heron, and a surfer [...]

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