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Social innovation: it’s not about the idea or the “aha” moment.  It’s about creating a critical mass of stakeholder champions. Surprised? So was I, but UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship chair Andy Hargadon and Rockefeller President Judith Rodin presented compelling arguments and multiple examples to make the case at the Council on Foundation’s Annual Conference [...]

Where would I be today professionally if not for the people along the way who nudged, some more firmly than others, and advised along my career pathway?  There was my first boss who was a gifted speaker, and stressed and demonstrated the importance of clarity, confidence and passion for professional success.  (He also told me [...]

A quick exchange between two colleagues: Ophelia Basgal, Vice President, Civic Partnership and Community Initiatives, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Lauren Purnell, Leadership Program MBA Associate, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Ophelia: So we heard in the session “A Continuum of Corporate Volunteerism” that millennials and gen xer’s volunteered in high school and college and now [...]

A packed room listened to a fascinating discussion by reps from Waste Management (WM)and Salesforce.com on how they’ve completely integrated their giving programs into their business operations.  No more checkbook philanthropy.

[Editor’s note: We asked contributors to tell us a question they think philanthropy needs to explore as the Atlanta conference begins. Here’s Ophelia’s answer.]
Severe economic downturn, pandemic…what’s next? Locusts?
The past six months have been unprecedented in terms of the amounts of change and economic impact on every sector of our economy including philanthropy.

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