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Feeling stagnant? Overwhelmed with today’s societal problems? Concerned we’re not making progress and reaching our full potential? Well, please find solace in knowing that global philanthropy is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, we’re giving birth to a new and improved philanthropy that will be a leading and lagging indicator of our social, human, [...]

Saturday was wonderful preconference kick-off to what will undoubtedly be another great Council on Foundations event. Collaboration, common agendas, and community engagement were key themes for both the Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) and Global Grantmakers. Each group delivered thought-provoking, inspiring programming - but unfortunately I was forced to choose between sessions.  Similar to [...]

[Editor’s Note: In November 2009, the Council hosted a celebration for its 60th Anniversary—60 years of service and leadership in philanthropy. As part of this celebration, several grantmakers shared their personal thoughts about the Council and the field of philanthropy. Here are comments from Nicole Robinson, the director of the Kraft Foods Foundation.]
I offer warm [...]

The Monday afternoon conference session “Building Philanthropy BRIC by BRIC” characterized the current context of both individual and institutional giving across Brazil, Russia, India and China.  Most disheartening is the recognition of the residual damage to philanthropy the former US administration has left behind from its efforts to coerce countries to embrace a not-always-welcome democratic [...]

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