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This post originally appeared on the blog Philanthropy Writing: The Heart of Giving.
Why do we live in a world where it’s cheaper to buy Froot Loops than it is real fruit?
This is one of my favorite questions posed by Josh Viertel, president of Slow Food USA. For those of you who haven’t heard of Slow [...]

(An expanded version of this post originally appeared at www.philanthropywriting.com.)
With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan mere days behind us and the scale of the devastation still unknown, you—like me—may be feeling the urgency to do something, anything, to help. Before you pledge your next grant or make a contribution via text message, consider [...]

I have to admit: There’s something about it being 5 degrees outside that makes me feel, well, less than charitable. But this wasn’t the case for the 11 family philanthropists who dedicated one of their nights in New York to service.

Family philanthropists have a natural interest in helping other families—particularly the most vulnerable. In the preconference session at the 2011 Family Philanthropy Conference designed and led by Susan Price of the National Center for Family Philanthropy, 70 family foundation peers gathered to share strategies on the education, care, and literacy of children in their early [...]

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