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This is the first post in an ongoing impact investing series on RE: Philanthropy.
The new vision for the Council on Foundations, as President and CEO Vikki Spruill outlined in her blog post “Relevance + Network + Speed = Impact,” describes exactly how and why the Council is poised to support foundations interested in impact [...]

Despite having a steady job, a mom in South Carolina, who hopes to help her daughter go to college, cannot afford to pay rent in the city in which she works. A promising entrepreneur in Wisconsin has a great idea to improve his community but cannot get the loan needed to get his business off [...]

Do you ever wish that your foundation had more money to solve social problems and transform your community? As need grows faster than grant dollars, many foundations are making mission and impact investments in order to unlock new capital for social good. Community foundations are investing discretionary and donor-advised assets to produce social and financial [...]

Find and build the best organizations with evidence of impact—that’s the simple theory of change articulated by Paul Carttar, the director of the Social Innovation Fund (SIF). At the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, he discussed how the SIF proposes to create lasting change in low-income communities.

In President Obama’s budget request for FY 2012, philanthropic leaders should pay attention to an innovative proposal to partner with government. Called “pay for success,” this initiative tests social impact bonds in the United States.

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