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One of the occupational requirements that comes with running a network focused on demonstrating the power of smart communications to help foundations and nonprofits improve people’s lives is to be prepared to answer the frequently asked questions: Who excels in using communications to further their missions or programs? Where can I find great examples of [...]

[Editor's Note: We asked contributors for a final, reflective blog entry from the Atlanta conference. Here's what Bruce had to say.]
Being responsible for a conference myself, I’m well aware of the incredible planning, hard work, need to be persistent, and never ending bouts of anxiety that accompany the planning and execution of these events. Thankfully, [...]

I can’t help myself. Tell me people are willing to give up their time voluntarily to participate in a session on how foundations can communicate more effectively  — from all the other choices — and I’ll gladly be there (even if it means sitting on the runway due to weather delays coming and going).Â
Gratifying, too, [...]

[Editor’s note: We asked contributors to tell us a question they think philanthropy needs to explore as the Atlanta conference begins. Here’s Bruce’s answer.]
I had a conversation recently with a colleague. As an exercise, we drew up a list of everything that wasn’t going right in the nation—banking system in crisis, auto industry on the verge [...]

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