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I am always drawn to an essay that talks about how we are motivated to give, especially when the main character is a guide dog named Lucy. In a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece in the New York Times, Paul Sullivan shared a story about his, and his wife’s, support of groups involved with helping the [...]

Who can argue with Bill Gates and his call for a more thoughtful and holistic approach to measurement?
It sounds like a simple equation: If you want to achieve progress, you set a clear goal and find a measure, or measures, that will drive progress toward that goal.
Ideally, however, measurement is a way of thinking. It [...]

As I continue to reflect on the Council’s recent publication, Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value: A Practitioner’s Guide to Corporate Philanthropy, I am reminded of author Chris Pinney’s suggestion that this is a leadership moment for corporate philanthropy. There are at least three reasons for this:

First, society is increasingly looking to [...]

As the new year sprints forward, I am struck by the amount of new thinking and new literature surrounding the topic of corporate social responsibility, particularly philanthropy. In meteorological terms, a new weather front has arrived and continues to generate unsettling conditions.
As it is, grantmakers struggle to remain current in the management and stewardship of [...]

As all of our organizations continue to navigate the aftermath of the global financial crisis, a story in this week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy caught my eye: “A Focus on Signature Programs Can Help Charities Gain Grant Makers’ Support,” which offers tips for nonprofits and funders on the value of capacity-building for long-term growth.

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