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I attended the “What is place-based philanthropy?” site visit, and it got me thinking about the role of private business in community foundation projects. There are fruitful relationships and productive roles we could do more to develop, and San Diego has some interesting models.
We visited “urban village” development projects run by Price Charities (in City [...]

On the TV show 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin’s character is a GE/NBC executive in charge of “TV and microwave programming.” He has to turn around the show-within-a-show led by Tina Fey’s character and invent a new kind of oven. He comes up with a “trivection” oven that combines radiant, microwave, and convection heat, and hires [...]

Accountability is a funny thing in philanthropy. For most funders, it’s self-driven. Therefore, it’s a matter of conscience-the territory of values, emotions, and vision. But accountability in the field is frequently discussed in terms of data and evaluation: “Using data to hold ourselves accountable.”
There are two problems here: One is that evaluation is not only [...]

Having spent three days at the Fall Conference for Community Foundations last week in New Orleans, a port city where the line between land and sea is ever-shifting, I’m thinking a lot about balance. That may help me understand my colleagues who lead community foundations better, because balance between the tensions of being responsive or [...]

We often think of grantees as people who provide a service or act as advocates. But are they the only ways grantees can make change? And are there other kinds of grantees worth considering?
I had the pleasure of attending the Brainstorming Bus Tour, hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, with a number of community [...]

At this morning’s opening plenary, Grant Oliphant talked about the difference between a revenue model and a business model. A revenue model is how you make money, such as providing services to donors and charging a fee. A business model, on the other hand, is how you add value—for example, helping to identify community priorities [...]

As strategy consultants to funders and nonprofits, at TCC Group we’ve increasingly seen our funder clients struggle with how directive to be in their approach to strategy, and observed a growing backlash in the philanthropic and mainstream presses about “strategic giving.” The timeliness of this issue was evident as an overflow crowd crammed into a [...]

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