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It was suggested in a half-joking manner that I should write a blog on my last day at the Council. At first I dismissed it, thinking it would be cheesy. I could write about the great colleagues I worked with, the knowledge of philanthropy I gained, or the numerous relationships I developed in the field. [...]

As I am now days away from my one-year anniversary at the Council, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the state of the Re: Philanthropy blog and where we go from here.
First, I want to thank all of those who contributed over the course of the last year. You have [...]

In the process of preparing for the Council Learning Lab on social media at the Family Philanthropy Conference, I came across some pretty interesting data: 14 percent of dog owners have created a Facebook account for their pet!  And 15 percent of these dogs have more than 100 friends - it gives a whole new [...]

On Thursday, the Council held its fourth monthly Twitter Chat - or #PhilChat - in partnership with the Chronicle of Philanthropy to pose the question: Is Philanthropy Succeeding in Rural America? With more than 30 active participants and 300 tweets, it proved to be one of most successful #PhilChats to date. Not just quantitatively, but [...]

The first-ever joint Twitter Chat with the Council on Foundations and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, held October 28, provided a forum for the field to discuss the sector’s role (if there is one) and impact in strengthening America’s economy. This follow-up blog is a way to continue the conversation, for people to offer their opinions [...]

Attention Council members, assorted philanthropists, and my countless fans that hang on every word I write: I am going dark. As the man behind the Council’s social media curtain, I’m hanging it up.  No more Facebook posts, tweets, or LinkedIn connections. Why? Because according to Francisco Dao, social media is stifling innovation. Instead of doing [...]

As a sports fan, I am a tortured soul. My football team, the Buffalo Bills, hasn’t seen the playoffs in more than a decade (not to mention the four Super Bowls). My baseball team, the New York Mets, well, they are just the Mets. But through it all I persevere. So the baseball fan inside [...]

July 4th weekend, somewhere between the hot dogs, sparklers, margaritas, ribs, cobbler, beer, and wondering how my new dog was going to fare with 14,000 pounds of explosives going off less than a half mile from his ears, I came across an opinion piece by the Washington Post ombudsman on the use of social media [...]

In today’s digital world, 92 percent of babies have an online presence. Now this might be shocking, - and rather disturbing in some aspects - but it illustrates the importance of social media in our daily lives and how much greater a role it will likely play in the future. Given this one tiny glimpse [...]

What started out as a dorm room project is now a global phenomenon. In seven short years, Facebook now boasts more than 600 million active users. It has become so engrained in society, the term “Facebook” can be used as a noun or a verb-and it probably won’t be long until it is an adjective [...]

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