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I found it somewhat ironic that the civic participation session was lightly attended (about 25 people) – but that’s the curse of the final-morning time slot.  As advertised, panelists addressed a range of civic participation efforts, from voter registration to community visioning and planning.
For me, the biggest “aha!” was Thomasina Williams from the Ford Foundation [...]

This one was personal.
I went to this session for reasons not related to my day job as a journal editor.  I am on the board of a nonprofit organization (Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development) and we are talking about this issue.   When I was in college, I had a very good friend who [...]

During lunch, I watched as two of my tablemates waited for 20 minutes
– everyone else was finished — for their vegetarian meals.  Why aren’t vegetarian meals the default?  It would be cheaper, healthier, and allow for a break from the chicken-and-salmon rut conference meals fall into. We could truly celebrate diversity by getting some ethnic [...]

In the session, “Diversity and Effectiveness in Philanthropy: A Leadership Exchange on Next Steps and Opportunities for the Field,” Foundation CEO’s  Carol Goss (Skillman), Sterling Speirn (W. K. Kellogg) and Diane Kaplan (Rasmuson Foundation), along with Aaron Dorfman, Executive Director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy spoke about their various efforts in diversity—the Diversity [...]

[Editor’s note: We asked contributors to tell us a question they think philanthropy needs to explore as the Atlanta conference begins. Here’s Teri’s  answer.]
2009 will no doubt go down as one of the most crisis-filled years in history (at least I hope it doesn’t get much worse!).  Although the circumstance of the day are unique, [...]

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