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At the “Trends and Realities” plenary, the panelists all recognized economic issues in their communities as being among those things that kept them up at night.  But my biggest take-away came from Mariam Noland, President of the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan.  When she noted that “Detroit is bankrupt only in the sense that it [...]

As one who has been in the field as a community foundation CEO since 1994, I have seen many themes. We were sorted by asset size for many of our conversations in the belief that such distinctions defined our capabilities and philanthropic contributions. (We now understand that was absolutely false.) There was the theme that [...]

While the panel at the breakfast plenary was terrific to a person, our own Emmett Carson told us the truth about community foundations’ operating model, which we’ve all been thinking about for some time.  It’s not like this hasn’t been a topic of discussion in the past. I think as many as 10 years ago, [...]

So far today, two sessions were too full for me to attend. I’ve learned several lessons from this: (1) stop networking earlier so I get to the session earlier and (2) buy the conference resources (which I did).
What a blessing it is to be here. So many people are dedicated to learning that sessions are [...]

As a long-time conference attendee, I learned ages ago that the CEO Retreat and the Advanced Legal Seminar are reasons—all by themselves—to attend the fall conference. Once again, I was not disappointed.
During the CEO Retreat, Ann Rhoades, president of People Ink, taught us about using a values culture in leadership, hiring, accountability, and evaluation that [...]

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