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The Center for Effective Philanthropy recently released a report titled Working Well With Grantees, and as any program officer might expect, the importance of the relationships that nonprofit applicants and grantees have with program officers is crucial to their perception of the foundation. Not surprisingly, negative experiences like those chronicled in the report can have [...]

In my last job, the learning curve seemed to remain vertical for much of my tenure, occasionally even tipping backwards. As is often the case in nonprofit organizations, the person I replaced had left somewhat suddenly and with much of the information about the position, although probably neatly organized, still in her brain. With no [...]

I have $2.48 in my wallet right now. It’s all in change, but that change equals more than two days worth of philanthropy to GiVE 365. For $1 a day, I can help make a grant of $7,500 to build mobile skate ramps for skateboarding clinics in urban neighborhoods. I can be part of giving [...]

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