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[Editor's Note: We asked contributors for a final, reflective blog entry from the San Antonio conference. Here's what Leslie had to say.]
In reflecting on last week’s conference, I kept coming back to the same thought. Those few days in San Antonio felt so different. At first I couldn’t pinpoint why. Yes, times are certainly different [...]

Christine Kosmos, director of the Division of State and Local Readiness, at the CDC in Atlanta, joined conference attendees via telephone at the beginning of Tuesday’s lunch plenary to bring us up to date on the H1N1 virus. She reminded us that in a pandemic, everyone is susceptible. What is interesting, however, is that the [...]

Kevin Murphy, president of the Berks County Community Foundation, kicked off today’s lunch plenary on The Emerging Green City with a humorous story about the plans for Reading, Pennsylvania’s first “green” building a few years ago. Seems that some folks actually thought the building was supposed to be the color green.

The energy from the opening plenary carried into the session on Responding to the Economic Crisis: How Cities and Philanthropy Are Creating Jobs and Putting People Back to Work. The stellar panel included an economist, a city councilman, a community foundation CEO, a national foundation program director, and the head of a state department of labor [...]

Wow, things really got off to an exciting start this morning with the opening plenary, which focused on philanthropy’s role in creating transformative change–the theme for this conference. We were inspired by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro who shared with us how America’s seventh largest city has weathered the recession (very well according to a [...]

It’s a smaller than usual gathering of community foundation leaders here in San Antonio, but the spirit remains the same. All of us are here because we believe in the work that we do and we thirst for new ideas to help us along the way. It doesn’t matter what size of a foundation we hail from, [...]

To what extent should a community foundation support local and regional government reform when the proposals for change are controversial and divisive?
Ineffective governments are crippling our big cities. Stories of fraud and corruption remain rampant, and proposals to change the way communities are governed are emerging in communities big and small.
Should a community foundation embrace [...]

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