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“Many people who are being left behind are from communities being left behind. If we don’t come to terms with the racial divide, we will cause a generational divide,” said Angela Glover Blackwell. Wow. What a great way to get the blood pumping at the morning plenary. Well spoken, politely heard, but where’s the action?
The [...]

While I have enjoyed making the contacts and hanging out in the CEO track sessions, I decided to session hop on Monday afternoon.
I found, that while well meaning, the CEO air was a tad rarefied and discussion aimed high-brow as my colleagues discussed high-impact investments and donor embeddedness with a hint of detachment. Not a [...]

“Roles that I’ve played.” Geena Davis opened her remarks during this morning’s plenary session by stating that her philanthropy is often rooted in roles that she has played. It struck a chord for me. My research agenda around HIV and AIDS in the 1990s also showed that exposure and a family predisposition to altruism are [...]

The beginning of opening session is just a few short minutes away. I arrive early to find a seat while trying to avoid the strobe light clearly flashing above my head. As I loiter in the lobby, here are some general impressions thus far.
I will not get to every session I want to hit, and [...]

Conferences were a way of life in a previous career. The land of higher education was a vast and strange continent, but as a seasoned and wise elder I could pass seamlessly among the inhabitants. Academics who would barely speak to colleagues in their ivy-covered ivory towers turned into animated social animals who traveled in [...]

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