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As technology continues to radically transform how people shop, plan, work and communicate, some are exploring the potential impact technology could have on the philanthropic field. Our sector has not been a player in the technological transformation of the 21st century. What opportunities are we missing?
The session, Technology Task Force Town Hall Meeting, was chaired [...]

The session, Disaster Response for Grantmakers: Resources, Tools and Lessons Learned, was an important one on how funders, in the aftermath of a disaster, charted new territory to find their role.
We heard from two funders and their different responses to two very different disasters—the 2007 fires that swept through San Diego neighborhoods and the recent [...]

As planes full of food and medical supplies sit at the airport in Haiti while hundreds of thousands of people are dehydrated, hungry and in dire need of medical aid, the challenges of helping others is made obvious to the world. The outpouring of global generosity is always impressive in emergency situations; yet, the inability [...]

[Editor's Note: We asked contributors for a final, reflective blog entry from the San Antonio conference. Here's what Nina had to say.]
One striking difference between this conference and previous ones is the public officials who came to participate in deep and meaningful ways. Instead of posing for photographs and leaving, mayors and lieutenant governors stayed [...]

At the lunch plenary on Monday, Community Information in Today’s Technology World, we heard a story about a homeless man who knows of a computer where he blogs about resources for homeless people. Remarkable, yes. 
At the lunch we heard about the great concern of the digital divide between those with Internet access and those without. [...]

One bold move forward in philanthropy is the step a few foundations have taken to lead, or at least convene, a conversation about regional planning for our cities, which includes the latest in affordable, healthy living design.
George McCarthy of the Ford Foundation moderated a panel–Rethinking Urban Land Use: How Cities and Philanthropy are Reimagining the Urban Landscape [...]

I am traveling to the Council on Foundations conference in San Antonio, Texas with Maslah Farah, a Somalian immigrant who is the newly hired program manager of a resident-led community foundation in southeastern San Diego, the Neighborhood Unity Foundation.
We both work in a community rich in cultural diversity where the language of philanthropy is considered [...]

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