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Telluride, Colo., a picturesque historical mining town perched just below 9,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains, has a rich history of innovation, invention, and reinvention. The well-known collaboration between LL Nunn, Nikola Telsa, and George Westinghouse in 1891 forever changed the delivery of energy. The mining era transformed the region into an economic engine [...]

I have heard a lot of sobering talk about the economy and how our communities are not going to “recover” from the recession. This is not your father’s “recovery.” Communities will need to “re-invent” themselves. Many of the local and global economic fundamentals have changed, from housing, to the auto industry to energy. This will [...]

It was very refreshing to hear Ed DeSeve, President Obama’s senior advisor for the Recovery Act Implementation, talk about the practical side of spending $750 billion. This is not going to easy. He spoke in frank and honest terms about the need for speed, transparency and effectiveness. He stressed that “recovery is all local”–a call [...]

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