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Two years ago the Community Foundations National Standards Board (CFNSB) launched a new website dedicated to providing community foundations with top-notch technical assistance—the “how” of National Standards—to better prepare them to meet the requirements of compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. We recently launch the new and improved CFStandards website to better serve our [...]

We’re connected 24/7 to the entire world. With a few keystrokes I can find an answer to just about any question I have without ever leaving the comfort of my home. I can’t travel without my smart phone and now I’ve become dependent on an iPad. That may sound like I’m truly connected, but am [...]

Family, agriculture, small towns, and stories are all near and dear to my heart, so I am enjoying this week’s Rural Philanthropy Conference. During the first session of the Creating and Capturing Philanthropic Resources in Rural Communities track, we heard about Rural Development Philanthropy (RDP). And as rural towns and regions seek to transform their [...]

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a teacher because I love planning and organizing work on a calendar. In early January, our Community Foundation Services team met to map out all of our work plans and assign dates to various projects. Planning helps me track the things that I know I have to [...]

My first few hours in the Family Philanthropy Conference bookstore and Connections Cafe have resulted in some fantastic conversations. We’re talking a lot about “Next Gen” and the ways in which this group has become involved with causes and activities.
The explosion of social media tools has allowed millennials to quickly mobilize and generate a groundswell [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Diane Miller’s answer. Miller is manager of National Standards at the Council on Foundations. She [...]

I have worked at the Council on Foundations for almost two years and love my work, but really, is there anyone who doesn’t love working in philanthropy? Every so often, one of my Council colleagues is surprised to learn that I am also a Council member (I am on the board of my family’s foundation).
Lately, [...]

I am often asked, “What are the National Standards?” The National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations were designed by and for community foundations in the spirit of being accountable and transparent and for continuous self-improvement. Community foundations are in the business of seeking excellence for their communities and donors.
That’s a great elevator speech, but what [...]

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