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Last week, the Lumina Foundation released a new report, “A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education,” the fourth of its kind to track progress against its ambitious mission for 60 percent of Americans to hold high-quality degrees, certificates, or other postsecondary credentials by 2025.
Why college attainment? The case is pretty simple. As stated in the report’s [...]

High-impact. Growth capital. Impact investing. Scaling markets. Sounds like a segment from the Nightly Business Report, doesn’t it? Not quite. I don’t often participate in a learning experience that makes me feel as if I’ve sat through a semester of business school. But that’s how I felt at the recent Social Impact Exchange Conference on [...]

Something is afoot in corporate philanthropy. The evolution of business’ role in society—and the role of the foundation philanthropy within companies—is transitioning in real-time. The re-engineering occurring in all areas of business is finding its way into corporate philanthropy.  What is the next phase on the horizon for corporate philanthropy, and how can the field [...]

On March 11th, the world learned the sad news that three more significant aftershocks rattled the coast of Chile—the strongest ones since the original earthquake on February 27. That same morning, I moderated a roundtable in San Francisco that the Council on Foundations organized for corporate giving leaders to have a peer-to-peer exchange about global [...]

Let’s be frank: It’s been a tough year for corporate philanthropy. Against the backdrop of a global recession complete with bailouts, recalls, and eroding public trust of anything big business, many companies have re-examined their philanthropic purpose, approach, and impact. The good news? Corporate commitment to social issues remains strong. There is, however, a renewed [...]

My New Year’s resolution for 2010 was to join the 21st century and dive into the social media waters. This blog post is my first—and hopefully the first of several—to offer a perspective of philanthropy from where I sit at the Council on Foundations: working closely with the business community. I didn’t realize in December [...]

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