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A concurrent session titled “What’s Diversity Got to Do With It?” was successfully delivered today during the 2011 Family Philanthropy Conference. The panel members, William Lyons, Richard “Skip” Moore, John Morning, Andrea Gray, and Michael Klompus, who each approached the topic with highly diverse viewpoints, spoke candidly about their experiences and journeys. Covering such areas [...]

The parable of a sudden and growing number of babies that are found mysteriously floating in the water was used to frame the discussion on strategic philanthropy at the session Strategic Philanthropy: Vehicles for Getting it Done.
The basic premise is that a group of villagers is working to reach a consensus on how to save [...]

This was the challenge issued by Lisa Parker, moderator of a robust discussion about the journey of women’s philanthropy, the successes and the lessons learned from both “heartbreaks” and triumphs. The session (Wind in Our Sails: Women Philanthropists Championing Women and Girls) brought together living legends in the women’s funding movement, including Tracy Gary, Linda [...]

The metaphor of drops in the ocean illustrates the point that the shape and movement of the ocean will never be the same when more drops are added. A drop may seem insignificant, but it’s the combination of many drops that an obvious multiplier effect occurs. Well today, a few more drops were added to [...]

There is a movie genre commonly referred to as the “four-hankie” film. This trite term is meant to describe films that may have an inspirational and/or sad element. Upon first glance, the title of the session I attended (Working Toward the Good: Engaging Grief, Loss and Family Philanthropy), would suggest that the content would center [...]

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