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Last week at the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference in San Diego, I reported briefly on a discussion held as a “book club” conversation among foundation trustees and staff about the Jeff Jarvis book, “What Would Google Do?” In a small breakout group, I learned from Jessamyn Lau, program leader at the Peery Foundation in Palo [...]

On Monday, 50 excited people from the conference gathered at the Jacob’s Center for Neighborhood Innovation(JCNI) in the Lincoln Park district of San Diego for a day-long learning experience about the power of grassroots community change.
What exactly did we learn?

Place and Perseverance: The Jacobs Family—through their family foundation—made a long-term commitment (since 1998) to focus [...]

Imagine an intimate gathering in your living room with a small group of book club friends discussing their latest good read. Now tweak that cozy image by a factor of five and re-imagine a conference room filled with 30 people assembled for a chat about the Jeff Jarvis book, “What Would Google Do?”
In the [...]

Here at the Family Philanthropy Conference, my roommate is Zac Russell, a third generation member of The Russell Family Foundation.  Zac, a college senior in New York, showed me the contact cards he’s giving out at the conference.
The face of each card dislpays a different photo of Zac in his world-working on the family farm, [...]

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