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For those of us working in development and philanthropic and donor services at community foundations, the Fall Conference for Community Foundations was a wonderful opportunity to sit with colleagues and compare notes. We did just that during a roundtable session focused on engaging donors and their families in philanthropy.

At this session (Creative Ways to Achieve Greater Impact Through Using a Community Foundation), funders shared the myriad ways they are working with community foundations—from the administrative support to processing grants. But the fascinating information was the following:

collaborating around place-based philanthropy
engaging the next generation
accessing deep community knowledge to help grantmakers be more strategic in giving

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Audrey Jacob’s answer. Jacobs is director of The Center for Family Philanthropy at The Community [...]

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