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Differing views, opinions, approaches and predictions for the future can lead to uncomfortable conversations within families. And, too often, the outcome is deadlock—at best.
According to Harvard lecturer, author and consultant Doug Stone, these conversations—where both parties truly believe they are right—will never be productive if we continue to talk to people “as if their head [...]

Sunday morning’s informal gathering (Coffee with the On Deck Generation) for those who feel “in between”—the group that finds itself between the founders and the third generation—attracted more than 30 participants. They were polled about their core issues and given the time to meet and talk in small groups about the challenges they face.
Three issues [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Amy Zell Ellsworth's answer. Ellsworth is senior philanthropic advisor and New England International Donors (NEID) program manager at The [...]

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