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Independent foundations in this country do amazing work. Their name reflects their independence, they offer creative innovation, and they invest for the long haul. The Council has always felt that its entire staff was available to support independent foundations. The Annual Conference was by de facto their conference. The public policy work was driven by [...]

I know when you look at my picture I don’t quite fit the profile of an immigrant in this country, but I am one—a digital immigrant.
I attended two sessions on social media at the 2011 Family Philanthropy Conference, “Get Online and Thrive There” and “Social Media Fashion Show.” It reminded me of when I [...]

When I was growing up, my family didn’t do conflict. I never remember my parents fighting or even raising their voices to each other. Having now been in a relationship for 17 years, I know there had to have been conflict, but my upbringing didn’t prepare me well.
Now imagine being a professional staff person [...]

During the Council on Foundations’ Family Philanthropy Conference at the end of January in San Diego, we pulled together a concurrent session on disaster grantmaking in light of the earthquake in Haiti. There was a small but passionate group that attended. I walked away thinking about three things: our short attention span; our lack of [...]

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