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Today, Council on Foundations president and CEO Vikki Spruill is in New York City to talk with the board of Realdania about trends in American philanthropy and how we can leverage transatlantic partnerships in the field. Today’s meeting complements the Council’s existing efforts, such as co-founding the Global Philanthropy Leadership Initiative (GPLI) with Worldwide Initiatives [...]

The EDGE Funders Alliance Just Giving conference in Washington DC, 21-23 May, brought together some 250 donors, activists and allies on the theme of ‘What is to be done? And how do we do it?’ Participants enjoyed a casual yet focused environment to gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape of grassroots and transnational initiatives [...]

Parent: “What did you learn in school today?”
Johnny: “Nothing.”
Every parent knows how difficult it is to engage a child, particularly a teenager, in any type of conversation, never mind trying to start family conversations about philanthropy and charitable giving that inevitably lead to awkward glances at the dinner table. In my family, language and cultural [...]

Philanthropy, much as with other things today, has stepped on the accelerator in terms of becoming a global phenomenon. The amount of charitable donations going overseas and to US-based international programs has doubled since 2003, according to the Foundation Center. The rise of philanthropy among the world’s wealthiest in the most recent Forbes survey of [...]

Everyone in philanthropy likes to talk about giving to your community. For some family philanthropists at the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference, the definition of community expands globally.

Last week in Beijing, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had dinner with several Chinese billionaires to provide an update about The Giving Pledge and discuss the growing importance of philanthropy around the world.

More than two weeks have passed since the heaviest rains from the monsoon season occurred in Pakistan. The resulting floods have overwhelmed roughly 20 percent of the country, and nearly 20 million people have been affected. Some 1,600 people have died, a million homes have been destroyed, and basic necessities such as shelter, clean water, [...]

Trading Power went live with a session at the annual conference featuring Rob Collier of the Council of Michigan Foundations, Sharna Goldseker of 21/64, The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, and Nicole Robinson of Kraft Foods Foundation. Session participants were treated to a nontraditional format (they sat in a circle and formed a fishbowl) while [...]

The exchange of what is valuable from one generation to the next is as old as history.  Professions, traditions, values, and stories are passed on from one generation to the next to be treasured and continued. Philanthropy is no different, except right now it is unclear how this exchange will unfold. Philanthropy is now no longer the [...]

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