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Thoughts on Chip Heath, author of “Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard” and “Made to Stick,” both best-sellers.
When I woke up this morning, I switched on a light. Did you? (Don’t worry, this isn’t a post on energy conservation—I’m not judging you.)
But when I switched on that light, the switch didn’t really [...]

“The intersection of change is present right now.”
The role for philanthropy in addressing climate change is one for which we all struggle. And it is particularly relevant for this conference’s theme of intersections. There is no other issue that embodies this concept of intersections more aptly than climate change.

The volcano ash cloud over Europe has reminded us, once again, that ‘nature bats last.’
Volcanoes and earthquakes are truly unavoidable natural disasters that humble even the most powerful industrial economies, but the extreme weather disasters caused by man-made climate change are an altogether different kind of catastrophe that require the full attention of philanthropy. After months [...]

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