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It took many long hours—and hundreds of e-mails—to get to this point, but we finally, officially, proudly launched the Next Gen Donors report at last week’s Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference in San Jose. This launch represents the culmination of more than a year of data gathering, analysis, writing, and preparation, all in order [...]

In 2012 there were further signs that the once staid tradition of employees taking part in annual workplace giving campaigns has been upended by digital technology, younger workers with new ideas, and the need for more engagement between employers and employees. Those are the preliminary findings from America’s Charities 2012 Snapshot: Trends and Strategies to Engage Employees [...]

At next month’s Council on Foundations 2013 Family Philanthropy Conference, consultant Nathan James and I are hosting a session, “Is Family Philanthropy Ready for Adventures in New Giving?” We’ll be discussing potential intersections between family philanthropy and the new wave of giving tools enabled by technology and fueled by problem-solving approaches of millenials, entrepreneurs, and [...]

For the next generation of philanthropists, I don’t think they’re going to ask themselves whether or not they should work in the private, public, or non-profit sector.  They’re going to wake up each day and ask themselves what impact am I going to make today.
The traditional model of a successful career and life was divided [...]

As a young professional and a newcomer to the field of philanthropy, the sessions at the Council on Foundations Fall Conference in New Orleans earlier this month offered a lot in the way of introduction. Not only an introduction to new colleagues from all over the map, but also to variations of the story of [...]

Although philanthropic professionals have strong relationships with their donors and fund holders, they often have yet to develop relationships with the successor trustees or family members who are due to become the next generation of community foundation donors. Using findings from a first-of-its kind research study we conducted with the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, 100 [...]

Several months ago, I received an opportunity not afforded every emerging philanthropist—I attended the Council on Foundations Annual Conference, which gives newer professionals a platform to interact with seasoned persons in the field and newcomers alike. As the Fall Conference for Community Foundations draws closer, I’d like to offer some tips to fellow newbies. In [...]

It’s been about a month since I returned from Los Angeles, where I attended the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) National Conference and the Council on Foundations Annual Conference. I am extremely grateful that those organizations partnered to provide “Stay in L.A.” scholarships to Next Gen-ers, which afforded us the opportunity to participate in both [...]

I recently attended the 2012 Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) and the Council on Foundation conferences in Los Angeles. I must say that attending both of them were turning points in my career.
I’m in the process of changing from a career in fashion to a career in philanthropy. Although change can be intimidating, the EPIP [...]

I am one of the fortunate recipients of a Stay in LA scholarship, a partnership between Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) and the Council on Foundations to allow Next Gens and emerging leaders (the new affectionate term for young people) to attend the two organizations’ annual conferences in Los Angeles. Both were invaluable experiences [...]

Today is International Workers Day, celebrated around the world as a commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre. Although President Grover Cleveland moved our Labor Day to September because of worries about the radical connotations of May 1, the day remains an important rallying point for labor, immigrant rights, and now the Occupy movement.
The many battles [...]

I am one of the fortunate practitioners new to philanthropy who was able to attend both the EPIP and Council conferences this year in L.A. At EPIP, I was also lucky to see Dr. Bob Ross speak about the state of philanthropy. Dr. Ross is the CEO of The California Endowment, and among the many [...]

After my time at the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) conference this past week, I walked away with a lot of reflection points. What struck me most about the conversations I experienced, both during the sessions and with colleagues, was that they were not just about vision, change, and success in philanthropy. They also were [...]

Let me introduce myself: I’m a young leader and a passionate advocate for social justice. I’m well into my second year as executive director of Social Justice Fund, a regional progressive public foundation. I’m an innovator. Since starting my role, I have implemented a new model of grassroots fundraising, leadership development, and grantmaking, resulting in [...]

Recently I was sitting in Manhattan with four extraordinary women. Down the table from me was Jennifer Buffet, president and cochair of the NoVo Foundation; Catherine B. Reynolds, chair and CEO of the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation; Josefina Vázquez, executive director of the Boston Women’s Fund; and Karen Osborne, president of The Osborne Group. As panelists charged with discussing [...]

I landed in Cairo earlier today a few hours ago expecting to see significant changes. In many ways everything has changed yet on the drive from the airport to the hotel in Zamalek to across the Nile, Cairo is still the same. The wonderful energy, the crazy traffic with cars moving in [...]

I just returned from the Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference in Miami, a three-day event focused on education, the arts, impact investing, advocacy and family dynamics. Amidst all of that great discussion, I was struck again by the importance of communicating family legacy.
A family’s beliefs, behaviors and messages are carried down through generations, [...]

One of the biggest topics in family philanthropy has to do with engaging the next generation. How do multi-generational family foundations find common ground amongst board members with very different worldviews and experiences? How do foundations ensure that the next generation becomes responsible stewards of their philanthropic assets? How does one [...]

I entered the field of philanthropy through a theological framework. With idealism guiding my path, I started a journey in search of a meaningful and purposeful vocation. Because of my commitment to social justice, civic engagement, and community development, I enrolled in a dual-degree master’s program that combined urban policy and divinity. The program was [...]

At Proteus Fund we’ve pondered how to address the challenge of increasing the number of professionals of color working in philanthropy, not just to increase the diversity of faces around the table but to expand the life experiences and perspectives that foundation professionals bring to their decisions about funding. The Proteus Diversity Fellowship recruits talented [...]

In my humble opinion, Millennials bring together all of the aspects of a perfect donor. At Building Tomorrow and in general in my watching of the fundraising world, I have seen Millennials do some amazing things by  giving their time, talents, and resources to others and to causes they believe in. Below are the three [...]

In February, the Council on Foundations will bring together families from all over the country (and world!) to learn about and discuss the current issues affecting families who give. The 2012 Family Philanthropy Conference is not just for family foundations-it’s for all families committed to philanthropy.
At The Minneapolis Foundation, we work with more than 500 [...]

In 2008, at the age of 17, I traveled with a group of other teens to Zambia and South Africa on a philanthropy-oriented trip organized by YouthGive. We went to look at how microfinance, a method of lending small amounts of money to people so they can start a livelihood for themselves, could help address [...]

While the Gates Foundation has raised the bar for global philanthropy, today’s youth will revolutionize global giving in the coming decades.
Youth under 21, so-called digital natives, were born into the era of globalization in which communication technologies have narrowed the distinction between local and global. New media has increased awareness of global conflicts such as [...]

Optimism is a scarce resource in this economic environment. Americans have all but given up on the idea that working hard and playing by the rules is the ticket to a better future. While the politicians duke it out, shouting hollow slogans about jobs and the economy, unemployment remains stuck above 9 percent, and 19 [...]

How young is too young to teach philanthropy?  Twenty-somethings? College? How about high school?
Ten years ago the Watson-Brown Foundation, headquartered in Thomson, Ga., thought it would be worthwhile to explore this question.  The foundation president and director of scholarships searched for a group of high school students willing to be guinea pigs. Ten years and [...]

Who are those scary beings in the dark suits? They look like they are 12 years old. And why are they asking about the way we do things around here? Who are these bright, young things?
Don’t worry-we’re part of the millennial generation. We just graduated from some of the most prestigious universities in the country, [...]

As I approach my senior year in college, I often find myself reflecting on my life, amazed at how fast the time has passed. When I tell people I am a rising senior, I am constantly asked, “What are your plans after graduation?” I am still uncertain about my future, but what I do know [...]

Parent: “What did you learn in school today?”
Johnny: “Nothing.”
Every parent knows how difficult it is to engage a child, particularly a teenager, in any type of conversation, never mind trying to start family conversations about philanthropy and charitable giving that inevitably lead to awkward glances at the dinner table. In my family, language and cultural [...]

Has your organization thought about what the next generation of leaders has to offer?  Recently I learned about the millennial generation’s strengths at the Case Foundation’s virtual Millennial Donor Summit. Kari Dunn of the Case Foundation led a conversation, “The Generational Divide,” with Wendy Harman and Suzy DeFrancis of the American Red Cross and David [...]

Philanthropy, much as with other things today, has stepped on the accelerator in terms of becoming a global phenomenon. The amount of charitable donations going overseas and to US-based international programs has doubled since 2003, according to the Foundation Center. The rise of philanthropy among the world’s wealthiest in the most recent Forbes survey of [...]

It is striking how often I hear from foundation and nonprofit professionals that they are interested in engaging Next Gen leaders (typically meaning people ages 18-40) but can’t find anyone interested in participating. From where I sit, the notion that Next Gen representatives are not engaging because of lack of interest is mind boggling. Every [...]

Let’s face it: our institutions work at their finest when we embrace collaboration and open communication. Mentoring, on the other hand, too often reflects a hierarchical relationship in which an experienced leader preaches, while the mentee takes his word at gospel.
But millenials are different from the young professionals of yesteryear. While the lines between our [...]

Where does a family go to learn healthy money habits? Whether you are a family adviser or a member of a family, this question deserves some serious airtime. For more than 20 years, I have been helping families directly address this question. More specifically, I have been helping families engage, educate, and equip younger generations [...]

The question we hear most often at Family Circle Advisors comes from parents and grandparents: “How do we get our kids involved in our family’s foundation?” I’ve spoken to too many donors who started a foundation hoping it would serve as a source of connection and shared purpose for their families—only to discover that their [...]

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10 Mar 2011

As the parent of two school-aged children, I get to see more than my fair share of children’s movies. My current favorite is “Horton Hears a Who.” Horton, the elephant, hears a small yell and realizes that an entire civilization of Whos lives on a speck of dust. He makes it his life’s purpose to [...]

Trading Power went live with a session at the annual conference featuring Rob Collier of the Council of Michigan Foundations, Sharna Goldseker of 21/64, The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, and Nicole Robinson of Kraft Foods Foundation. Session participants were treated to a nontraditional format (they sat in a circle and formed a fishbowl) while [...]

The exchange of what is valuable from one generation to the next is as old as history.  Professions, traditions, values, and stories are passed on from one generation to the next to be treasured and continued. Philanthropy is no different, except right now it is unclear how this exchange will unfold. Philanthropy is now no longer the [...]

About two years ago, a foundation leader paid us—the Council—a compliment when he said, “This is not your Grandfather’s Council on Foundations.” The comment was meant to honor the emerging changes at the Council, as we sought to provide both sector-specific membership services and sector-wide philanthropic leadership.
Recently I realized, it’s not even my generation’s philanthropy!
At [...]

There was something a little different about the Next Generation Retreat this year. Co-conceived by 21/64 and Resource Generation and held for the past seven years at the Family Philanthropy Conference, this half-day interactive session is geared towards those in their 20s and 30s contemplating their role—present and future—in their family’s philanthropy.
What the facilitators noticed [...]

Sunday morning’s informal gathering (Coffee with the On Deck Generation) for those who feel “in between”—the group that finds itself between the founders and the third generation—attracted more than 30 participants. They were polled about their core issues and given the time to meet and talk in small groups about the challenges they face.
Three issues [...]

Imagine an intimate gathering in your living room with a small group of book club friends discussing their latest good read. Now tweak that cozy image by a factor of five and re-imagine a conference room filled with 30 people assembled for a chat about the Jeff Jarvis book, “What Would Google Do?”
In the [...]

“Never estimate what children can do,” said both Kevin Salwen and Jenny Yancey in the workshop—Charting Their Course: Raising the Next Generation of Givers. Salwen and Yancey’s teenage children demonstrated how true this is by presenting two incredibly creative and effective philanthropic projects.
Few youngsters can convince their parents to sell their homes and use half [...]

My first few hours in the Family Philanthropy Conference bookstore and Connections Cafe have resulted in some fantastic conversations. We’re talking a lot about “Next Gen” and the ways in which this group has become involved with causes and activities.
The explosion of social media tools has allowed millennials to quickly mobilize and generate a groundswell [...]

Here at the Family Philanthropy Conference, my roommate is Zac Russell, a third generation member of The Russell Family Foundation.  Zac, a college senior in New York, showed me the contact cards he’s giving out at the conference.
The face of each card dislpays a different photo of Zac in his world-working on the family farm, [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Amy Zell Ellsworth's answer. Ellsworth is senior philanthropic advisor and New England International Donors (NEID) program manager at The [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, keep up with the plenaries and sessions by following our 21 conference bloggers who will share their thoughts and impressions. Blogger Kari Dunn Saratovsky, vice president for Social Innovation at the Case Foundation, will moderate the closing plenary with “What [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Allison Sole’s answer. Sole is deputy director, 21/64 at The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies.]
Amidst [...]

[Editor’s note: With the Council’s Family Philanthropy Conference set to begin on Sunday, January 31, we asked our 21 conference bloggers to tell us a question they think family philanthropy needs to explore as the San Diego conference begins. Here’s Diane Miller’s answer. Miller is manager of National Standards at the Council on Foundations. She [...]

[Editor’s Note: In November 2009, the Council hosted a celebration for its 60th Anniversary—60 years of service and leadership in philanthropy. As part of this celebration, several grantmakers shared their personal thoughts about the Council and the field of philanthropy. Here are comments from Nicole Robinson, the director of the Kraft Foods Foundation.]
I offer warm [...]

“Let us not then speak ill of our generation, it is not any unhappier than its predecessors. Let us not speak well of it either. Let us not speak of it at all. It is true the population has increased.”
So says Samuel Beckett in “Waiting for Godot,” his bleak and hilarious play, which I [...]

[Editor’s Note: On October 22, the Council hosted a “Leadership Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in Philanthropy.” The convening brought together more than 50 foundation and nonprofit leaders, trustees, and search firm executives to discuss a newly released report—Career Pathways to Philanthropic Leadership. The event also included a panel discussion and participant Q &A. In [...]

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