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Last week a member of U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ staff called to ask for my help. Senator Collins, who is the ranking member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, was launching a newsletter focused on the issue of aging. She wanted to be sure to cover the most important and interesting topics in Maine, [...]

Last week, the Lumina Foundation released a new report, “A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education,” the fourth of its kind to track progress against its ambitious mission for 60 percent of Americans to hold high-quality degrees, certificates, or other postsecondary credentials by 2025.
Why college attainment? The case is pretty simple. As stated in the report’s [...]

Today is International Workers Day, celebrated around the world as a commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre. Although President Grover Cleveland moved our Labor Day to September because of worries about the radical connotations of May 1, the day remains an important rallying point for labor, immigrant rights, and now the Occupy movement.
The many battles [...]

The Council on Foundations (COF) recently released the 2011 Grantmakers Salary and Benefits Report. The sample includes 910 total foundations of which 544 are COF members. As Rick Cohen notes on his piece about the survey, the survey suffers from the limitations of self-reporting, as do most all of our [...]

The first-ever joint Twitter Chat with the Council on Foundations and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, held October 28, provided a forum for the field to discuss the sector’s role (if there is one) and impact in strengthening America’s economy. This follow-up blog is a way to continue the conversation, for people to offer their opinions [...]

We take great pride at Levi Strauss & Co. in ensuring the dignity, respect, and safe working conditions of not only our employees, but also the workers around the world who make our products. In fact, 20 years ago, we took the labor, health, safety, and environmental standards we used in our own factories and [...]

On the same day that the federal government announced that unemployment had ticked up a notch to 9 percent, the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) convened a bipartisan panel of former policy-makers on Capitol Hill for a spirited discussion about the lessons to be drawn from the 40-year history of federal workforce development [...]

Within the federal budget debate, there are unprecedented threats to a meager but principal source of federal training funds: the 1998 Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

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