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Cities like Cleveland typically have rich assets in their “eds and meds”: top-tier academic and medical institutions that draw people from around the world. In NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts & Technology, we at the Cleveland Foundation and our partners have created a dynamic resource that plays in both sectors, opening young minds to the [...]

At the end of the morning discussion about the power of celebrities in support of causes they care about on day two of the conference, we got a beautiful surprise:  the high, sweet, and brilliant tones of Robert Vijay Gupta’s violin reverberating throughout the ballroom. When he concluded his piece as part of the conference’s [...]

“Los Angeles: America, Only Sooner”
John Deasy, our dynamic new superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), recently used that phrase to describe Los Angeles at a recent convening of funders.
It is true that because of our size, diversity, and global leadership position that issues bubbling up in California often foreshadow what’s next for the [...]

From April 29-May 2, Los Angeles will play host to the 2012 Council on Foundations Annual Conference. As a member of the planning task force and the foundation community of L.A., I want to extend a special invitation to community foundations to participate.
Jim Canales, president of the James Irvine Foundation, is conference chair and has [...]

I used to question the value of conferences. They are expensive when you add up the flights, hotels, meals – Isn’t that money better spent on programmatic work that directly serves our grantees? As foundations we rightly and continually scrutinize our administrative expenses. We owe that to our donors and grantees.
Over [...]

Let’s play the word association game. When I say “hip-hop,” what are the first things that come to mind? Ready? Go.
Did you envision bands of guys in low-slung pants spitting rhymes through diamond-encrusted teeth? Did visions of dangling chains, dazzling cars, and armfuls of gaudy tattoos come to mind? Certainly they’re all part of the [...]

All funders want reliable data from their applicants so they can make informed decisions about their investments. In the arts and cultural world, foundations in 11 states are using an effective system to do just that: the Cultural Data Project (CDP) operated by The Pew Charitable Trusts.
Although the CDP is less than a decade old, [...]

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