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When people think about improving health, the first thing that comes to mind is going to the doctor’s office or the gym. For a long time, public health experts correlated community health with medical settings and individual choices. But years of research, grantmaking, and listening to our community partners has given us greater clarity on [...]

Last week, The Merck Company Foundation launched a new three-year, $3 million initiative, the HIV Care Collaborative for Underserved Populations in the United States, to help the local health departments in Atlanta, Houston, and Philadelphia connect more people living with HIV/AIDS to the care they need to stay healthy.
Two years ago, the Obama administration laid [...]

Here are some interesting facts:

Obesity is the second leading cause of death in the United States.
Sixty-nine percent of adults in the United States are overweight or obese.
Thirty-two percent of children in the United States are overweight or obese.
Twenty-four million people in the United States have type 2 diabetes.

There are many factors that contribute to this [...]

You might already suspect from your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles that the world is getting smaller. It’s true. The folks on the far sides of the Earth are practically down the block in terms of human connections. A recent study showed that there are only 4.74 degrees of separation between every person on the planet. [...]

Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) is a part of a much larger movement that is nearing the end of its first century of existence. As we compare ourselves with older community foundations across the nation, we realize the magnitude of the work we are doing — and the work that’s ahead of us. Established 16 years [...]

The Council on Foundations’ Corporate Philanthropy 2012 project calls for a “reinvention” of corporate philanthropy, in part through a core group of leaders/practitioners who are willing to “guide, adopt, test, and validate new management approaches.”
So often our ability to transform established approaches requires a convergence of opportunity and vision.
At the Medtronic Foundation, we’re experiencing this [...]

Tooth decay-almost 100 percent of which is preventable-is the most prevalent chronic disease in children aged 5-17 and a growing phenomenon among very young children, especially those in low-income and minority households.
Poor oral health is a serious issue and can often lead to a lifetime of painful, costly medical issues and diminished educational attainment. Ten [...]

This post originally appeared on the blog Philanthropy Writing: The Heart of Giving.
Why do we live in a world where it’s cheaper to buy Froot Loops than it is real fruit?
This is one of my favorite questions posed by Josh Viertel, president of Slow Food USA. For those of you who haven’t heard of Slow [...]

Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) and many of our partners in the philanthropy community mobilize philanthropic leadership, ideas, and resources, and seek opportunities for collaboration, including public-private partnerships. This work is as challenging as it is important, but now the philanthropic sector has a new and engaged partner in the federal government: the Social Innovation [...]

Today we live in a paradox. Both hunger and obesity are on the rise. One in three children in America will develop diabetes because of the food we feed them. Vegetables and fruit have become more expensive, and unhealthy soda and snack foods are far more accessible. And large-scale farming is a primary cause of [...]

At the Funders’ Network, we believe shelter should transcend structure and provide a home that offers good life chances and prosperity. We strive for this opportunity to be made available to everyone. Unfortunately, all too often, where people live limits their opportunities and diminishes their prosperity. Generations of chronic disinvestment in low-income communities have [...]

All too often, we assume that a “green” home is also a healthy home. Unfortunately, the two are not always synonymous or aligned. But by working to connect green and healthy, we can stabilize neighborhoods, improve families’ health, and create paths to
high-quality green jobs for those who need work.

Over 1,400 M∙A∙C makeup artists and employees in 30 countries and 120 North American cities will put down their makeup brushes on December 1. That’s when they’ll volunteer in a company-wide initiative taking place at various HIV/AIDS charities around the world to commemorate World AIDS Day. The initiative is organized to complement M∙A∙C’s longstanding commitment [...]

Seventeen years ago, I had the opportunity to take classes from the late Professor Jonathan Mann. As the head of the first Global Programme on AIDS—the precursor to UNAIDS—in the mid-80s, Mann is credited with pioneering the connections between human rights and health. He left an indelible mark on me, inspiring me to enter the [...]

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Foundation received national recognition from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies for its joint educational initiative with Michigan State University, the Northwest Health, and the Robert Wood Johnson foundations called Nursing for Life: RN Career Transition Program. The IOM cited the nursing transition program as [...]

Sunday, January 31, was the last day of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. However, those gathered at the Council’s “Sunday Night Dinner and a Movie” conference session were not looking for the next potential blockbuster of an independent film. Instead, they came to learn how philanthropists can support the use of film as an agent [...]

“At CDC we’ve seen that partnering with foundations is a very important part of our preparedness mission,” said Dr. Richard Besser, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at the Tuesday annual conference plenary.

“We must and will tap into your expertise and knowledge because making our country healthier, preventing disease and improving services for children and families will take all of us working together,” said Kathleen Sebelius in her first public address as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services at the Tuesday annual conference plenary.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius described her hope that foundations and HHS will work closely together. She noted that the most important agenda item for President Obama was to reform healthcare and urged foundations to participate in this debate.
Dr. Richard Besser, the interm head of the CDC, briefed the Council on the status [...]

Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas and now Health and Human Services Secretary, laid a big challenge at the door of organized philanthropy this morning. In her usual charming but direct manner, she spoke about the need for this sector to “bring it” to the ongoing debate.

First of all the Security check in process at the CDC was impressive and appreciated. ["Centers for Disease Control: Science and Philanthropy--Pursuing Healthy Environments"]
The Session began with a history and organization perspective from Dr. Tanja Popovis the Chief Science Officer at the CDC. Did you know that the CDC was established in response to dealing [...]

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