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I am always drawn to an essay that talks about how we are motivated to give, especially when the main character is a guide dog named Lucy. In a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece in the New York Times, Paul Sullivan shared a story about his, and his wife’s, support of groups involved with helping the [...]

Nonprofit leaders are accustomed to justifying their need for operating support in appeals to potential donors. In a “proposal letter” written in June 1788, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart makes his case to benefactor Johann Michael VonPuchberg:
 “If you will do me this kindness, I shall primo (being thus provided) be able to make necessary payments when they [...]

The concept of “strategic philanthropy” has gained much currency in recent years. While nonprofit effectiveness has likely increased because of it, it also has inhibited nonprofit impact. In practice, strategic philanthropy is often linear, technocratic and top-down, and self-limiting as a result. For example, despite grantmakers’ provision of some $10 billion in grants to environmental [...]

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