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By: Trabian Shorters In: 2010 Fall Conference| Community Foundations

13 Sep 2010

Today, the Knight Foundation announced the third-round winners of the Knight Community Information Challenge grants program at the Council on Foundations Fall Conference for Community Foundations. The program helps community and place-based foundations support news and information projects.

The winning ideas are from foundations large and small, urban and rural. As I looked over them, I was struck by the vast variety of information needs these foundations are helping to meet.

I’ll share just a few:

  • The New York Community Trust is working to strengthen the city’s ethnic media so that immigrants’ voices are heard more broadly.
  • The Hawaii Community Foundation is funding a student news network to be broadcast on PBS Hawaii, the only free signal for many in the state.
  • The Greater New Orleans Foundation is supporting an online news site, so that it can more powerfully tell the story of the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.
  • The Tulsa Community Foundation is helping to create reports on women’s issues, including Oklahoma’s high female incarceration rates.

All 19 winners are part of a growing movement of community and place-based foundations funding news and information projects.

Knight Foundation will again accept applications for the challenge, beginning in January.

Find out more about how you can help meet your community’s information needs by visiting

Trabian Shorters is vice president for communities at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

1 Response to Addressing America’s Information Challenge

Kathleen Tuinstra

March 1st, 2011 at 12:52 pm

I would like information regarding any funding you may have for small, private pre-school - 8th grade, that has existed since the mid1800’s and is now in financial trouble. They have excellent teachers, curriculum, and have served as an outstanding example of education in this St Paul, Oregon community since their existence to present. We need help and are turning to grants or other funding. Can you please direct me?

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