CarolynTorgersenThe Centennial Plan—A Vision for Our Future

By: Carolyn Torgersen In: 2010 Fall Conference| Community Foundations

14 Sep 2010


What do these numbers mean?

1: It started with one man in one community—Cleveland
4.6: Billion dollars put to work each year by community foundations
717: Community foundations with strong, in-depth knowledge of local issues
86: Percent of the United States population served by community foundations
100: The anniversary of the first community foundation in America.

In this morning’s plenary, the Community Foundation Leadership Team (CFLT) presented the Centennial Plan for community foundations. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the first community foundation, it is an important time to envision the future of our field.

The plan covers four elements: field building, legislative and regulatory support, community leadership, and brand building. This broad-based plan focuses on “strengthening the collaborative field of community foundations and promoting a philanthropic environment supportive of our work.” But beyond that, it also looks to recognize successes, support the professional development of our staffs and boards, and help to deliver local value to all communities.

As CFLT Vice Chair Teri Hansen so aptly said, “Together we can accomplish what one cannot do alone.”

Carolyn Torgersen is vice president for marketing and communications at Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

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