rachelleonGreening Beyond Grants: Can Philanthropy Be Greener Regardless of Mission?

By: Rachel Leon In: Environment

23 Mar 2011

Our hearts are breaking for the Japanese as we watch catastrophe unfold in their nation. With natural disasters and energy-related accidents (coal explosions, oil spills, nuclear leaks) becoming increasingly commonplace—or so it seems—the community of philanthropy, with its diverse array of missions and focuses, needs to find common ground in “greening.”

While only about 6 percent of philanthropic dollars fall within environmental philanthropy, a survey of grantmakers reveals that a majority consider environmentally sustainable practices a priority. No matter your mission as a foundation, you can make an impact by thinking beyond your focus within grantmaking, and getting greener beyond grants: curbing indoor pollution, becoming more energy efficient, recycling—even serving healthy, local foods at events.

Environmental Grantmakers Association is thrilled to co-sponsor a Full Circle Dialogue at the Council on Foundations 2011 Annual Conference on April 11 at 12:30 p.m. with Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders, Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, Funders’ Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption, and Grants Managers Network.

The session is designed to be high energy and interactive, with grantmakers and philanthropic leaders from the field on hand to engage with participants on “greening” foundations beyond grants across a multitude of issues and sectors. The sponsors are affinity groups and partners whose goal is to enable philanthropy to walk the talk on sustainable practices for foundations. Join us to figure out how to make a difference and improve our world within the parameters of your foundation or giving group. And check out our website, www.ega.org, to hear a recorded webinar featuring funders learning about how to connect to events in Japan.

Rachel Leon is the executive director of the Environmental Grantmakers Association

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