BH KimKey Tools to Weave a Richer Civic Fabric

By: BH Kim In: 2013 Fall Conference| Philanthropy

22 Sep 2013

What: Learning Lab, Key Tools to Weave a Richer Civic Fabric
When: Monday, September 23, 2013 (4:45pm-5:15pm)
Where: Elizabeth Foyer, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

It is crucial to have a broad base of civically engaged citizens who have positive relationships with public agencies and community decision-makers to address the complex problems that communities currently face. However, the growing perception of the government as ineffective and the decline in civic engagement activities makes addressing these complex problems that much more difficult.

The current political landscape offers foundations both opportunities and challenges. As governmental reach declines in our communities, community foundations need to be more pro-active to help bridge the gap between communities and political decision makers. But we can’t approach it the same way as before. We need to better understand our community’s map of political interest so we can strategically work towards strengthening our civic ecosystem. At the 2013 Fall Conference for Community Foundations, a learning lab, Key Tools to Weave a Richer Civic Fabric, will introduce three civic engagement technology models and how community and place-based foundations can position themselves to make a difference in the civic landscape.

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BH Kim is Executive Director of The San Diego Center for Civic Engagement at The San Diego Foundation (twitter: @TSDFbhk).

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